Shenzhen Yuandong Food Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.


The company is to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and strive to build an international-class food packaging aircraft carrier.

Based on China and facing the world, the company sincerely serves the global small and medium-sized food enterprises and tailors the best solutions for them. Provide the best production and packaging technology services; produce the world-leading environmental-friendly and popular Lille package materials, exquisite and different Kangmei boxes, tangible and luxurious roof bags; manufacture a wide range of aseptic filling machines, including the innovative design of invention patents, aseptic packaging machines and food processing equipment that can make a variety of bottom cross-section packaging products; and Sterilization equipment; Provide waste packaging and recycling technology and equipment for comprehensive treatment of municipal refuse resources. In short, to provide users with overall solutions and system services, users have no worries.

The company solemnly promises that the waste packaging materials produced by the company can be completely separated from the three materials and recycled without polluting the environment.

The company is formed by technological leaders who dare to break monopoly and technological blockade, dare to uncover the mysterious veil of aseptic packaging, are good at independent design and innovation, and are determined to do something for packaging industry, domestic and foreign experts and doers who are willing to devote their lives to packaging industry.

The company is located in Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, the most prosperous and active frontier of China's economic reform and opening up. Faced with Hong Kong and Macao, with its advantageous geographical position, abundant human resources, abundant hydropower resources, convenient transportation by sea, land and air, safe and fast export, convergence of financial institutions, favorable weather and environment, it has a realistic natural basis for building a world-class packaging aircraft carrier.
The company's business objective is to create a Chinese miracle of "Shenzhen Export Processing Zone". It will turn Pingshan District into a "manufacturing center", "warehousing center", "logistics center" and "wealth center" of packaging industry. Within three or five years, it will take the goal of creating 100 billion yuan annual income, creating 10 billion yuan annual tax profit as its own responsibility, and creating a surprise that "where there is a market, there will be the Far East". Wonders of the world!
Welcome people of insight at home and abroad to join us enthusiastically! "You are more wonderful in the Far East"!

Address: Huafeng International Logistics Information Industrial Park, Shenzhen Export Processing Zone, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, Shenzhen (Jinxiu West Road)

Tel: 13600395098 0755-85209585

Shenzhen Far East Food Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.



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